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Blair, Chuck and Serena

Serena is gorgeous!!!! and chuck is just so chuck :) He can pull off anything; pink bowtie!!


Derena can't be done!! They are like, something you can to look to for an anchor because they are always there!!! I was such a big fan of them!
and speaking of OMFG moments, imagine serena's new 'boy-toy' turning out to be her half-brother!!!!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 37

Blair: Oh gross, Derena PDA
Yuki: (thinks to herself) I think they look cute together
Blair: And don't you dare say they look cute together.

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Whose side r u on Serena's or Blair's???

Hmmm, my answer chages. As a whole, i like serena better but sometimes, depending on something she has just done, i like blair better. I like the fact that serena tries (sometimes) to be nice to blair, and eveyone else and that she tried so hard (in season 1) to start  over. I like blair when she is scheming..but only against people I don't like. when she was trying to undermine lil J that made me mad. But, when B and S are together, anyone who gets in their way is going down, and i just loooove that

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