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I agree with @drummerboi1981 he should die a hero and they should also have a 1 hour special on just Cory himself not just Finn. Like have outtakes and cast videos about the great moments with Cory. Make it a 2 hour special where the first half is about Cory and the second half (the actual episode) about Finn.

90210 to End After Five Seasons

Sad but the show has been a piece of crap ever since Season 4 so I'm not at all surprised. Almost all the teen drama shows I enjoyed in high school are ending! Only glee and pretty little liars will be left (although I really wish glee would end already, it's gotten really bad)

Glee Review: Too Sexy For Their Shirts

This entire season is based too much on self image. Since the beginning Rachel changed to the more slutty looking rachel and the new guy says things about the fact that he used to be fat but he's hot now and marley had a eating disorder because she thought she was fat even though she's wafer thin and this episode had a lot of moments when it revolved around body image. What is with the body image angle that they're constantly revolving around. I mean previous seasons mentioned things about body image but this season has storylines that are based on them!

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Whose returning for season 4?

i hope they don't cut anybody! personally i would rather see an entirely NEW cast instead of seeing some of the old cast go and others stay. they could do it like the british tv show SKINS, every 2 seasons the entire cast is replaced with a new cast because it always takes place at the same high school and hopefully this time around they'll stay away from pregnant stories since they've done that to death!! but honestly i would rather not see anyone leave! just make the cast all decide to return to beverly hills!! or i think the show will end at a season 4 just like i think gossip girl is ending at season 5.

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Blair Engaged?! (Spoilers)

What?? When did this happen?? 0.0
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