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And please life doesn't go on mere hours after someone died. I sure wouldn't like to have you be the only person grieving me.


George's fans have been screwed over the entire season, so we have the right to complain. The critics of the premiere are out, and they are terrible, and they specifically single out how badly the George death and grief is handled. When someone dies, yes a whole episode is usually reserved to it. I made up my mind not to watch. If the George fansd are so annoying, we will just stop watching. Let's see how good that is for the ratings. And when your favorite character gets screwed over, and with Shonda it will happen, I'll be the first one to laugh in your face and tell you to get over it.

Grey's Anatomy: Season Six Premiere Spoilers

Anuflas, I get that the whole season can't be sad but by the spoilers, they all seem over him by episode 2. It's way too soon for me. Couldn't they have let him mourn him at least 3 or 4 episodes?

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Calling all Gizzie Friendship (or more) Fans!!! (Relationships)

Yep, so much better.

Shonda can't write couples to save her life. Most of them suck. The ones who don't like Gizzie and Mallie, she breaks up.


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Calling all Gizzie Friendship (or more) Fans!!! (Relationships)

I know. It's so sad they'll never share scenes again.

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Character Elimination V2.0!

Meredith Grey - 22

Alex Karev - 10

Cristina Yang - 10

Izzie Stevens - 11

Derek Shepherd - 22

Mark Sloan - 10

Owen Hunt - 6

Callie Torres - 10

Arizona Robbins - 12

Lexie Grey - 9

Chief Webber - 7

Reed Adamson - 3

Jackson Avery - 9

Teddy Altman - 9


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