GG. jenny. that's all.
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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 222

Serena: Is that Chuck under the sheets or are you just happy to see me?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 214

lmao i'm for the flanders thing xD

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 212

"What do you mean dial tone?"

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best song ever featured on gossip girl??? (Music)

hate between Blair and Chuck (As it should alway be...)

oh, you spelled "dan" wrong there.

back to topic: my favorite song featured on gossip girl is "how soon is now". it is a tatu song, one of my favorite bands. AND it was involved in a JENNY scene.

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Britney Spears Apreciation Thread


whoa! she's so beautiful.



so i was watching that japanese candy commercial on youtube the other day.

and it was flawless. <3




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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

nenny ftw

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