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Yessss I agree! They are super cute. One of the only reasons I'm stll interested. All my fav characters/story lines are gone now and this is one of the only things that keeps me watching. It's frustrating. What do you think is going to happen between them?

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Glee Criticisms Thread

Yes I am way less interested now. My one request is bring back Shelby! I hate that she just left. I was actually interested in all the stuff going on with her. And now.... just no. 

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Songs from Musicals?!?!?!

I totally agree! I don't mind having a variety of music on the show... that's what is so appealing about to me anyway, but I'd love to see more musical theatre done! My favs were when they did stuff from Wicked, Funny Girl, and Rent. Not only that but I was so happy that Idina Menzel was making regular appearances this year! That woman is a Broadway legend!!! She kind of just left and I think that they need to bring her back ASAP and continue the story line with Rachel. In all honesty I've been way less interested in what is happening now that she is gone. And again I'm all for a mix of styles of music, but I agree that they need to bring back the musical theatre numbers! How do you feel about having big Broadway names guest star? I think it is a great tribute to their roots as well. 

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