We should totally just stab Caesar.

Let's talk about sex. ;) lol, j\k. But let's talk about Gossip Girl and\or GodGa, Pretty Little Liars + Glee. You know what...anything. I don't mind. I'll be nice to you, don't worry. But if you want the dramz, I'll BRING the dramz. XD

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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 123

Serena: Wow....
Juliet: What? Shocked that someone finally took your boyfriend away from you?
Serena: No, I'm shocked that someone actually dressed skimpier than me. Good job!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 97

Nate:....and jsyk, Dan, I'm not wearing any underwear. Dan: *thinks for a min* See you later Vanessa!

Jessica Szohr on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

She seems so sweet and down-to-earth. :) But what? Damn you Jimmy Fallon. Gossip Girl doesn't come on WEDNESDAYS! (Atleast not anymore. lol)