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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 106

Dan- X(
Vanessa- :D
Sometimes you just don't have the right words.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 106

Dan: Hey look at this paper...
Vanessa: What?
Dan: Sorry, GossipSweety can't think of a funny caption.
Vanessa: I don't know...I think this is sorta funny. Haha.
Dan:...you would Vanessa. You would. (Shakes head in disappointment)

Love Blair's Hat

Her hair and skin looks great! And I love that she wears such light colors in the winter, when you pile on the layers.The white tights add a feeling of childish innocence, as do the polkadots, then it's balanced out (in my opinion) with the sophistications of the coat. I love GG's fashion, but it's been a little too Jenny Humphrey for my taste. It wouldn't be a problem except everyone should have their own personal styles, and NOT look like Jenny clones. Then there wouldn't be something for everyone like there is now.
So I have to politely disagree with nicole, I adore the porcelain doll Blair, and her lovely hat.