Grace & tommy

Heyaaa this is grace and tommy from danum school we come on ere in borin textiles wen teatchers draw all over your workk :( xo xo Gossip girl
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Nan Zhang: Gossip Girl and Science Girl


Blake Lively Birthday Party Picture

Hey I love this photo but eric (dont kno his name)
looks a bit wierd no offense why would you were that to a 21st b-day parti ?

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Gossip Girl and OC

Shut Up Kate !!!

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Blair is wonderful! (Leighton Meester)

Hey I Soo Agree Shes Ace :)

I Cant Believe she not in more of it

Shes A Complete bitch But Funny

and Ace at the same time !!!!!

:P :D Bye xoxo :D

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Gossip Girl and OC

Heyyaa its grace n sash from england

We tottalyy lovee gossip girll its amazingg but we do agree it is like OC

although we fink GG is betterrr :D

Nd we agree the boys are BEWTT!!

xo xo

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