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True Blood Review: Up in Smoke

Talk about being bored by unnecessary story lines...I watch online, and I just completely skip over the Terry, Lafayette, and Andy story lines. Couldn't care less about them. I watch for the Authority/Bill & Eric and (surprisingly) Tara/Pam/& and now Jessica(?) story line (and I guess Sookie and Alcide are all right :-). Everything else is ridiculous, out of place, and there's just way too much going on!


How come there was no review for the new episode of Criminal Minds that aired on Wednesday, February 8? It was guest starring Dean Cain...


As for Jeremy, I'll miss him, though I'm sure he'll be back. This show has proven they don't mind killing people off when the story demands it. If they were going to get rid of Jeremy for good, I think they might have allowed him to be killed. (although I realize the effect that could have on main characters like Elena, and they probably didn't want to stray with that either). To end with, I have one question for Matt Richenthall. You've been saying for months that Bonnie has become a horrible character in the way the show uses her as nothing more than a plot device. I agree with you, but how does the show change that and still keep her around? Should there be a huge story arc for her that gets her back on track, a new love interest (though that hasn't proved successful in the past). What do the writers need to do to bring Bonnie back, to make her a true part of the show again, or should she still be around at all?

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Flashback to 1864!!!!!!!

It's Lexi, just read the Stefan's Diaries books.

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