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NCIS Round Table: "The Tell"

I felt that Ryan's conversation with the body was forced, almost playacting. I don't think that she and Gibbs would make a good pair, but I do like the interaction between them as co-workers.
I also like Sean Astin, and would like to see more of him. Iam trying to think of someone who would be good for Gibbs, but it "ain't" happening yet. She would need to be a strong person in her own right, but slightly vulnerable in her private life for some reason that I also haven't been able to think of. Maybe that is why I am not a writer. LOL
I love this show, even though I am a johnny come lately. Didn't start watching until a couple of years ago, and then just had to see them all from the beginning, and now can't wait until the next one. Just as a ha ha, our pastor loves Leroy Jethro Gibbs too, and even used him as a reference in one of her sermons. >G