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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 354

Avery: "owen just to the damn wave"
Owen: "this is how a child wants to boost moral!!"


The cure for Aiden was werewolf blood...and the cure for sally will be vampire blood.


oh and not to mention everything before arizona went to africa... with her not wanting a kid and all

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It's a Long Way Back (Episodes)

Nowadays lots of same sex couples are having kids so i think that keeping the baby alive will help reach a different audience. Even though the show is fictional, it presents many modern day dilemas. ie. (same sex couples). The baby should live. I'd like to see how the three of them would manage. Especially if Mark and Arizona can learn to live with each other.

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season 8? (Spoilers)

the show won't be the same without even though they are getting a small amount of screen time... if season 8 is greys last season PD and EP should just suck it up and do it... for the fans i mean how are you going to do 7 seasons and not do the last one?

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