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sage lol

haven't been on this forum for a while but i felt compelled to make a thread to commemorate the absolutely SHITTY acting job done tonight by whoever plays that sage chick.

anyone else cringe when she said that line about women being for pleasure? oh god.

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S03E10 Thread

YES! Jeremy is gone! But my ears wont know what to do with themselves without all the whining...

Overall, it was a pretty good episode for me, kindo f boring in some parts. Oh, and I want Elena to die. But thank god that delena kiss happened so that this couple can be over so damon and stefan can have a better chance of finding their wits and leaving this dumb bitch. djsevkrythlbjasl i love TVD and the characters but elena makes my skin crawl. she is so annoying.

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Spoilers s3

i'm actually pretty fucking excited for stefan and klaus to smack elena around a bit, particularly stefan.

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