I coul say I´m sorry for my bad english a milion times... But whatever. I´ve seen natives make worse spelling mistakes than I do. I could write in czech very well for you though! (Yeah, that is that dead hole next to Russia where they still shit in the bushes!:D)

So, I´m here ´cause I´m a massive TV geek and I love to shove my oppiniones down peoples throats. I know I´m right, so feel free to agree with me! :D

I actually have a lot more favorite shows, but the list here is kinda poor. Where the hell are all the classics?!

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Fox Fall Premiere Dates: Revealed!

Just figured! No more family hour for Glee. That makes me happy, we could see more brutal Sue, more Klaine, just... Everything better :D

The Glee Project Review: Take A Bow

Nikki is mean. Like, I don´t mean particulary this Abraham thing, but the whole season. She is mean, mean, mean.
But Abraham suprised me a lot. He was like really moving. I don´t cry too much, but he got me. And a sensitive straight men (raised by two moms, if recall corectly) is something we´ve never seen. I´m starting to like him a lot. But I still miss Charlie. His energy was of chards.
I´ve never liked Lily. I can relate to her story very much, but I just can´t stand the girl.
But, and it pains me to say this, Nellie had it coming. She was never possitive and... At a certain point, you have to be. Glee is still comedy. Sunshine for our lives. Just rewatch the whole season - she never said anything purely possitive. Not once.
Blake suprides. He really is a good actor. And... He didn´t play it so much straighter as... Not so obvousily gay. You know, the go to diva. He did it subtle, but very believible. Loved it.

Awkward Review: The Signs of Sabotage

Wallflowers are the coolest! C´mon! But Matty was never that, not by a long shot. (but than again, whatever. I know... but Charlie messed me up in that way)
I thought this episode was great! Tottaly full 5 stars material. And can´t wait for more asian mafia!!