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Smash Series Premiere Review: Be Our Star

I really don't understand why people are hating on this show already. I really enjoyed the pilot, I'm a sucker for musicals, and I love the feel of this show. I love the original music and the fact that it seems like every character is going to have their own story line outside of putting together the Marilyn show. Give it a chance people!

Homeland Review: Bomb In A Bunker

@Krish--As much as Brody cared for Issa and those other children, Dana made him realize that he has his own, LIVING, children to worry about. Yes, detonating the bomb would have killed the Vice President and others involved with the Drone bombing but in all reality what would that have accomplished? He would have killed all those people in that room and essentially killed his kids and wife as well. How would Chris Dana and Jess ever recovered from knowing their father/husband came back from 8 years as a POW a terrorist? Brody saw the big picture and realized his family was more important than Nazir's plot for revenge. Also, no one had any idea that Brody was wearing a bomb, which was why he was able to leave the bunker. When Walker fired those first 3 shots, they were simply to serve as a distraction so that Brody would be rushed into the building without anyone paying any mind to the metal detectors. How on earth was any one in the secret service or CIA supposed to know that those shots were just a distraction and not the actual attack?