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Who is TV's Most Dynamic Duo?

Troy and Abed (Community)
Damon and Alaric (TVD)
Castle and Beckett (Beckett)
Emily and Nolan (Revenge)

The Vampire Diaries Review: The Nick of Time

I really don't think this mystery person that Klaus is so afraid of is his biological werewolf father. A werewolf is not immortal and could easily be killed by Klaus so I doubt that Klaus would have spent hundreds and hundreds of years running from a werewolf. My guess is that this "person" hunting Klaus and the rest of originals has something to do with the story of how the original family even became vampires in the first place. Then again...this show has done crazier things so I could be completely wrong. Even though most of the people commenting have been quick to disagree with you Matt about Klaus's reasoning behind creating an army of hybrids I am still undecided. Klaus did seem terrified but I can't tell whether he is scared because no army means no protection, or if no army means seriously pissing someone off.


@morgan-I feel like you can't put too much stock in the books. I have read them all and there just aren't enough similarties to think that the whole, Elena becoming a Vampire, then dying, then coming back as a crazy supernatural being is going to happen. And even in the books it's always Stefan. She has her slip ups with Damon, but it always is, and always will be Stefan for her.