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Ugh. Poor Gail. She is one of my favorite characters. I mean, Gail was mean to Chloe but she was mean to McNally and Nash season 1. Chloe expects people to be nice and friendly at first sight and that's just not everyone's style. And I love NIck and Gail. And I love Gail and Andy's friendship. And I love Andy and Nick's friendship. And now I'm just sad. Oh and poor Chris. Trying to do the right thing. Denise was his high school sweetheart, but I guess things change. I love Oliver trying to stick up for him though. Um I liked Dov trying to bond with Marlo. Marlo isn't that bad. It's just that she is dating Sam. Oh well. I also liked the cases this week.

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Talk Derby to Me

Hmm I'm conflicted. I love Cath and Steve, but really, randomly sticking Cath in a roller derby? I mean it is so random. But oh well, H50 is pretty random. I still wish we could see Chin and Kono more often. Which leads me to Doris. I'm still tired of Doris, like her "get over it" with the trust issues and then more lies etc. I get that it is suppose to be an arch and everything, but I'd rather replace Doris with more Chin and Kono scenes. The case was okay, but I liked how it was light and fun and everything. I loved the team-centric part trying to get Catherine to roller derby undercover. Everyone was there and we learned that Cath was a figure skater and Danny's mom likes roller derbies.


I'm still upset that Theresa died. I feel so so so bad for Dan. And then I suspected Thayer had something to do with something, but I didn't think it was this. Do you guys know when the season 2 resumes?

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