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Personally, if I could decide,
Leighton and Ed would be runners in ALL categories.
And yes, I'm including best
action adventure, comedy, etc.
Because if Chuck Bass's roof scene was not action,
then I'm not a Gossip Girl Fanatic. (
And I really am :) )
And all those one liners between them?
WAY funnier than anything Seth Rogen's ever done. Anyway, I agree about the silly Twilight thing...
It was an amazing book, but the movie was crap.
Like, let's be real here.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 52

Vanessa (thinking): Maybe if I wear this hideous blue coat, people will mistake me for a graduate...

Gossip Girl Redux: Tuesday A.M. Index

Nate not just sleeping with the mayor's assistant, but still thinking she was hot. Honestly? -5 Georgina saying she and Blair were best friends. Haha! +3 Serena trying to scheme. Hun, please just stick to picking out lingerie that can just barely pass as a dress. -4 Blair: Not enough. +10 ANY AND ALL CHUCK AND BLAIR SCENES +10000000000000000000000000