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Personally, if I could decide,
Leighton and Ed would be runners in ALL categories.
And yes, I'm including best
action adventure, comedy, etc.
Because if Chuck Bass's roof scene was not action,
then I'm not a Gossip Girl Fanatic. (
And I really am :) )
And all those one liners between them?
WAY funnier than anything Seth Rogen's ever done. Anyway, I agree about the silly Twilight thing...
It was an amazing book, but the movie was crap.
Like, let's be real here.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 52

Vanessa (thinking): Maybe if I wear this hideous blue coat, people will mistake me for a graduate...

Gossip Girl Redux: Tuesday A.M. Index

Nate not just sleeping with the mayor's assistant, but still thinking she was hot. Honestly? -5 Georgina saying she and Blair were best friends. Haha! +3 Serena trying to scheme. Hun, please just stick to picking out lingerie that can just barely pass as a dress. -4 Blair: Not enough. +10 ANY AND ALL CHUCK AND BLAIR SCENES +10000000000000000000000000

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The Goodbye Gossip Girl (Season 2)

It was pretty amazing :) I LOVED all the Chair scenes!!!!

and Georgina! What a twist!

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The Goodbye Gossip Girl (Season 2)

JennFromCalgary, I completely disagree with just about everything you just said about that episode, and the writers. I thought that the last scene of it was sweet and romantic, and when it might not be dramatic, or passionate, or angsty, it was still amazing! I, for one, think that CB have had enough angst and tension to last a lifetime! And as for, "Sure there were a few cutsie moments", did you watch any of it at all? The little strip tease Blair does for Chuck, just to make him say how he feels about her? Or her refusing to keep her label? That was plenty of passion for me!

Also, I found a few of your statements to be oxy morons of each other. "the true GG fans who are really into this show are waiting for more passion such as like what we saw in season one." and "As the cast matures on this show, season three also bettter start showing some growth!" How exactly would the show be showing growth if they were going back to the way things were in Season 1?

Maybe next time you go on a GG bash, and insult the writers, maybe use "I" statements, instead of going on about how the true GG fans who are really into the show were disappointed with this. I'm not, and I've watched it religiously. So don't make it out that any one who enjoyed it isn't a "true" fan of the show, as if they're some kind of morons. And if you're looking for entire episodes of tension, or passion, or over-the-top dramatics, go read some crappy romance fiction.

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favorite character/least favorite character lists

let's make mine brief and put NJBC + Dorota in my favourites (but Chuck and Blair are a tad better) and any and all Brooklynites in my least favourites (Rufus and Jenny are there permanently, and Dan is only there ATM because he's being such a pest.) For those of you who might have noticed, Vanessa was not included as a Brooklynite. This is because she is a whole different CLASS of hatred, and I would rather just not include her horrendous character as part of the show.

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