disclaimer: I am an unapologetic feminist. 


I write. I'm in college to be a novelist, and to hopefully one day write for television in efforts to get sexism off of them screen (Hey, GG, you hiring?). I travel. I'm a gypsy (three adresses right now). I love fashion. I'm tiny. I'm eating coco puffs. I have a cat named Fred the Cat. I'm a whore for grammar, hair accessories, and dessert. I think that every woman and man should learn to love their body and show it. I am an advocate for victims of domestic abuse and rape. I teach sex education as a means to one day live in a world without rape or shame. I have the personal belief that it is impossible to be depressed while eating a cupcake. I think you should talk to me ^-^

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Gossip Girl Review: "The Lady Vanished"

Someone needs to inform Paul Hoffman that he's gay. That is all.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 86

Blair: Apparently, we "go too far"
Chuck: Define "too far." It's not like we invite Humphrey Dumpty to our boudoir.
Blair: ... ew

Leighton Meester Sizzles in GQ

I think she looks amazing, just like how I find Jessica's photos for men's health amazing and the countless sexy photoshoots Blake has done amazing.
This are young sexual women mature enough and comfortable enough with themselves to say "Yes, I am sexy." The double standard for women to be sexual yet still "classy" (more like prude) is despicable in American culture and I applaud these actresses for taking control of their sexual image.