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Pretty Little Liars Review: Revelations

I still dont trust Bryon, Meredith is up to no good, and where have our mysterious Cece and Wren disappeared too, anyone else realize Meredith, Cece, Wren, Mellisa and Jason are around the same age

Pretty Little Liars Review: Daddy Dearest

Meredith is defiantly up to something and I think she may have got the wrong idea of Ali's intentions and was jealous and did something to her... Toby going after Emily makes no sense and how did he know she would be there like at that spot and why did he stick around... and why did mona want to get rid of the lost woods/janitor dude?


Well although I agree it was boring i think they may be setting the scene for later episodes, i think mona started the fire she is up to no good and I know he wasnt in this episode but i still think wren may have been the one to try to push aria off the train and i think there showing us Jason's stab wound to make us think he was the one theres something fishy about him but thats too obvious and there were a lot of suspected characters missing this week

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