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and we all know the saying
'if you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, its yours forever'
oh chuck and blair, i will never let you go.
you will be together, we all know it.
they are the show,
there would be no gossip girl without chuck or blair, i mean imagine?
there is no blair without chuck (like she admitted)
and no chuck without blair (like he admitted)
so without them together, we have nothing.


oh my god, this episode is epic.
chuck and blair are one of the greatest love stories on tv shows of all time. they will be endgame, chuck is finally maturing and him and blair will find a way back to eachother.
i would love to see louis and blair or dan and blair live up to the trainstation scene, or the 'letting go' seen in the finale, there is no way they can even chip away at there epicness. im not sure if the pregancny test is blair and chucks, im hoping it is, but i dont want that to be the thing that brings them back together. they will come back together because they both need space and need room to grow in order to mature and become even more epic (if that's possible).


no lily wasnt in this episode, she was 'upstairs watching movies' because shes on house arrest

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The Princesses and the Frog (Season 4)

if you watched the show from the beginning you would all see that chuck and blair are simply meant to be, ever since the limo incident. so chuck may go a little crazy, my theories are that he is hitting jack, because apparently jack comes back this episode and everyone goes a little off there rocker sometimes, blair did it in season 2 with carter.. and chuck tried to help her... there was no dan...

everyone is liking dan and blair because they are different, and i do admit chuck and blair have become a little repeditive, but can you ever see them actually settling down and have a true love like chuck and blair, i will admit dan and blair can be amusing sometimes, but you seem to have forgotten chuck and blair can be aswell!

they are the best.

most epic

most loveable couple in television history.

that is all

the princess and the prince BORING

the princess and the pauper ew..

the queen and the dark knight. oh yeah :)

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