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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 40

Eric: nice side pony, Jenny
Jenny: nice face, Eric
Eric: wow Jenny i love your dress where did you get it
Jenny: i made it myself actually. Where did you get yours? the Harold Waldorf donation pile?
Eric: i can't afford anything else now that i've spent half my trust fund supporting your eye makeup addiction!
Jenny: Fag!
Eric: Freak!
...... Eric: so about that sandwich: are you going to "make it yourself" or should i go get one from the local soup kitchen...

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Dare to Dair?

i think Dair would b a cute idea only in the sense that both of these characters need a break from two very serious relationships. But i wouldnt want it to go on forvere or anything. I just keep getting this picture of blair making dan hold her purse and she drags him through bendels and her having to explain to him who all of the designers are and stuff. Plus the complete opposites thing would be interesting with them butting heads on issues in a comical way. Maybe they should just do the play together than have it escalate. i do agree with people on the blair getting with everybody thing. Even though four guys doesn't sound like a lot it gets a little out of control when you realize she's getting with 4 out of the 7 guys that have been on the cast.

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yeah i don't do the notebook thing but i do sit in class day dreaming out the episodes with the promo info, trying to guess whats going to happen. heres what i have so far:

the entire first episode is about the play and then at the end after the play is over  Nelly tells blair that everyone hates her and blair goes to that bar. Then carter sees her and they start talking and he tells her that she just needs to loosen up a little. Then with the help of carter, blair spends the next episode completely acting out and loosing it. When she steals those glasses serena goes to chuck for help and chuck goes to blairs house to see if shes okay. He walks in on her and carter kissing by the couch he goes home and does the whole 'i'm loosing her' thing. Then serena, realizing that carter is a bad influence all around, grabs chuck and the two go on their 'wheres waldorf' hunt

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okay so heres what i'm thinking. Eric tells chuck that there are strangers making out in his room. Meanwhile blair and nate walk in on the strangers and blair kicks them out so she can make out with nate (not sure why relationship started up agian). Then chuck, whose not much of a fan of people other than him having sex on his bed, walks in to expel the strangers and sees blair and nate... 

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