Hey name's Kaitong and i'm Chinese/Hawaiian/Malaysian/Aussie :P. You could say i'm very multicutural.

Very proud to be a H50 fanatic, and i multi ship Adam/Kono and Steve/Kono!

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What a tear worthy episode. Shamy just gets better and better each day, it's beautiful. Slowly, Sheldon's changing, evident in that hand grab of Amy. The last scene was absolutely beautiful


@kaydee, I completely agree! About time Chin gets to show off, and i'm also glad Malia doesn;t look like to be in danger, just a working nurse. I think all the signs don't point to Joe anymore, more to Fryer becos of Delano's return.
@hunny_bee1, i agree with Kaydee on this one. Kono's one tough girl, she can probably kick Adam's ass. I don't think she planned to fall for the Heir apparent to the Yakuza but these things happen, you just gotta hope you're making the right decision. In the end, no one knows your feelings better than yourself.


@martinelli, OKay i've registered just for you haha! Any features i should know about?