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I liked the episode, but am i the only one who thought another car would come crashing into rachels when she and grace drove off? with danny shown in the mirror, the music and all, i was like "oh no, oh no, theyre not gonna do this are they?" but they didnt and im glad about it!
still dont like kay too much either. hope they really dont think about her and mcgarret hooking up. that would be ridiculous.

NCIS: Los Angeles Review: "Absolution"

so, im a little behind with all my shows to watch, which is why i just watched this episode. and i have to agree with mothy, that matthias most certainly is german. his german is way better than cole's which was pretty poor actually. but with matthias you didnt even hear an accent. that is something you dont find often in american tv shows :-)
liked the episode! Gartenzwerg as a nickname for hetty is hilarious. i also wanted to know, is Gesundheit a word well known in america? it is used quite often. and what the hell is your problem with germans? we're almost always the bad guys :-)