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Castle Review: No Happy Ending

Wow! I am still thinking about this final show...I will watch it again as I do so many Castle shows. I get more out of them the second time around. Cliffhangers are a part of television and this show has had many. We know that Castle will survive, we just don't know how. Rick and Kate will make it to their wedding, we just don't know how...that's what makes it a cliffhanger...I love the new dress being her mother's, and yes they should have done that in the first place, but there has to be twists to stories and this is no exception. I liked the way the writers got out of Kate wearing that awful dress. She would look good in anything and in the dress her mother wore she looks beautiful...I screamed for joy when the ceremony wound up in the Hampton's, and again twists for the story...I can't wait for the new season...This is the best show on television hands down!!!

Castle: Watch Season 6 Episode 21 Online

I just love this show...Castle is a rare show that captivates my interest all the way from the beginning to the end...and then I love to watch it again to see what I missed...
I think it's sweet that Castle chose Alexis...She is his closest friend besides his future bride...plus, how could he choose between Ryan and Eposido? Kate made an excellent choice with Laney as her maid of honor....I know there are not many episodes left, but I hope there will be a little storyline devoted to some of the wedding build up, a shower, bachelor party, etc. The couple do need a date...I am sure that is being held off to build the suspense for the finale but I hope they do get married this season...This show has such talented people acting that it could go on forever and I sure hope it does...It's my Monday night delight...

Castle Review: A Groovy Kind of Love

This Castle episode had me rolling with laughter... It was fun to see our favorite characters flashback to the 70's...My guess is they were born in the 70's or not... Such a young cast with the exception of Martha...and she just always fits in....It was nice to see Alexis get involved...I am still thinking about this show and laughing...That's what I love about Castle, so entertaining and refreshing. There are so many crime shows on TV and Castle gives the audience a lighter version and entertains. Love this show!!!