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Since we're going around in circles, how about give Nate and Serena a try? Who knows if it might work this time. Besides, they look well together. :)

...and please, enough of the Rufus-Lily tandem. It's making me sick. I think they're better off as friends. They're too old for the drama or whatnot. Seeking their "love child" is enough.


Dan and Olivia is just "EEW" to me. Come on. No chemistry at all. Oh btw, blame Hilary Duff for that. Lol. Sorry if I sound a bit harsh but I really don't like her. She's not really meant for the show so please, please, please, oust her from the show (and I'm still hoping that she's not up for the entire season 3).

I love, love, love Dan and Serena and I'm not giving my my hopes for both of them but I really don't think it's time for them to hook up this season. Give them a break. Being friends is good, I think? :) So I'm voting for Serena and Carter.

Nate and Bree? Please. Give Nate a better storyline. Away from girls. He's been full of hook-ups! He deserves a better storyline. Please oh please.

Vanessa and Scott? No, not buying. Not a big fan of Vanessa.

Geez, the show is full of hook-ups already!
Nate get a taste of Blair, Serena, Jenny, Vanessa, that old lady, and now here's Bree.

Blair got Chuck and Nate.

Serena got Carter, Dan, Nate, Aaron, and that guy from last season 2? Forgot his name.

Vanessa got Nate, Chuck, and Dan (though not show since it was in the past or whatevs).

Chuck got every girl in town. Lol. Just kidding.

Whose next? Whose next? They're all going in circles. I think it's time for better storylines --which does not involve lots of hook-ups! Agree?


Question, is Hilary up for the ENTIRE season 3 or just for few episodes? Of all the blondes out there, why her? I hate her. I really didn't expect her to be part of the show. Come on, she doesn't fit in.

...and please, her character and Dan? She looks like a Serena wannabe. Lmao.