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She's smiling with happy tears in her eyes, maybe things have gotten slightly better for her and the baby.

That Car is So Fake

@amelia i watch sometimes.-I really hope Arizona doesn't end up like Dell. She seemed ok in the other clip.


I agree, just because they share a baby doesn't mean they have to share every moment of every day together.-He's the father and he's excited about the baby, I get that.-I don't like it though, but i get it.- but gee freakin whiz does it really need to be said every time they're having a conversation.-Arizona is supposed to be one of the parents too even though she's not genetically related to the baby.-Does he really need to turn to Callie every time Arizona suggests something?

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Start Me Up (Episodes)

So fckin pissed off right now.-Callie pregnant?-WTF is wrong with Shonda, how could she do this to us.-Im hoping this is just a really low blow by Callie to get Arizona to back off.-A Mallie baby shouldn't be. It's just wrong on so many levels.-I know things are supposed to get bad for them but this is simply redonkulous.

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