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serena: Blair, will you marry me?
Blair: Serena! The shiny-haired UES slut Dan turned gay was Nate!
Serena: oh....

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Blair: Seriously? Those are the finalists for "America's Next Queen Bee with Blair Waldorf"?

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@redasol i think so too, besides, all the major events have happened at spencers house, like the lipstick on the mirror or alison getting kidnapped. also, she admitted hating spencer, has a motive and seems bitchy enough to be a. because fraknly, no guy would ever send texts as girls as As.

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I think I died a little bit on the inside

OMG that is so sad....i thought they were a couple that was actually gonna last....

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Who is "a" ?

i think its melissa. she had an obvious motive to hate spencer (she stole her boyfriend- twice!) which she told her straight to her face even after her fury about wren blew over, had the best access to spencers house where all the most important stuff happened (see: lipstick on the mirror), she dated ian who is probably the one who kidnapped (and killed?) alison, she would have had a reason to hate alison (maybe she found out about her and ian?)

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