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Major Crimes Review: For Rusty's Sake

Good review Carissa. A few thoughts...
It's painfully apparent that the writers, on occasion, get confused about what to do with the Rusty character. It seems that in some episodes they have him behaving in ways that should embarrass a 12 year old, while other episodes have him somehow in possession of the wisdom of someone decades older. I can suspend disbelief for the sake of a movie/episode, but this is beyond the pale. The other possibility is that I'm totally bored and lacking in enthusiasm with his character and story arc, which is why I'm happy to have a mute button on my remote.
In any event, I'll keep watching for Flynn, Sanchez and Fritz. They are always watchable.
As for the episode itself, it was "so-so" as episodes go. What made it worth sitting through was the performance by Ever Carradine. She did a fabulous job. This woman got me to want to jump in and slap her senseless...okay, more senseless. She completely convinced me that she was a remorseless junkie without feelings for anyone but herself.

Major Crimes Review: Can I Trust You?

Good review.
Really sad story regarding the despicable sort who would set up a site like "Sweet Revenge" in order to hurt people that they don't even know. What's that about? Did they not get enough hugs, Popsicles or Happy Meals as a kid? I have no use or feelings for people that cannot figure out out how to be decent to another person.
I have other concerns about this episode.
Ricky: He had every right to express his opinion about Rusty, although he could have worded it less arrogantly. If it was not as Sharon had hoped, oh well, no one can control or try to dictate other people's emotions or feelings. Perhaps I'm feeling this way because I'm so tired of Rusty and his whiny nasally voice.
Jack, the pig husband: Well, he had to make nice with Rusty during his visit since he was trying to slime his way into Sharon's good graces. Now that she's serious about unloading this useless sack of rocks, he's going into overtime to mess up her plans.
Fritz: Perhaps the whole heart attack thing was a way for Brenda to show up for a visit? I cannot imagine killing him off before he starts, that would be silly. Besides, maybe it's heartburn.
Provenza: Why is he so cranky, bossy and nasty? Are his jockey's too tight? I've seen hormonal teenagers with better behavior. The way he treats his colleagues is getting very old.

Major Crimes Review: On the Bubble

No, I never watched Beverly Hills 90210. I was probably busy watching Law & Order or Northern Exposure. Besides, I'm not big on "teenage angst." As their mother, it was my job to deal with my own teenagers and their angst while I worked hard at not strangling them, doing all I could to guide them towards a decent self-sufficient and productive life. Difficult, yet rewarding. Therefore, seeing all of these foibles, tantrums, etc dramatized on television was not interesting to me.
Maybe I'm just weird since everyone else I knew watched it religiously.
Anyway, check out the way Provenza cuts off people, especially Tau, when they attempt to explain things. He talks over people as if he's the last word on everything. Just because he's been there for 400 years does not mean he knows everything. He was so much more entertaining when he was simply the resident buffoon as he led Flynn down the rabbit hole.