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The Finder Review: Find Your Way

This show should have been given a better chance, putting it as a spin-off of bones just wasn't right as they have very little in common. But by putting the spin-off label on it, people that didn't like bones more then likely didn't watch, and then alot of the people that like bones probably stopped watching because they're completely different shows. Would love to see another network pick this up, even if they tweak it some as long as they keep Geoff Stults as Walter and Michael Clarke Duncan as Leo, those actors/characters work very good together, everyone else kinda had there ups and down. Personally i didn't care for the willa and timo angle from the beginning, willa should have been farther in the background instead of trying to make her a main. The only other fun show to me that's left on is Hart of Dixie and it doesn't look to promising for it, or it's already gotten the axe, haven't checked in a few days. But about the only thing fox will have on next season that i'll watch is Fringe.


They keep bouncing the story around, i remember towards the beginning of the show when George went to New York the story was that George and Lemon had broken up. Seem to remember them saying he was in NY for about a year, other then a soldier oversee's that's generally considered a breakup. So it wouldn't have been cheating. Normally on Zoe's side, but this monday's episode just made her look trashy.

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