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Night - Fran storms in and asks if he's feeling ok. He says yes but groggy. She asks what the hell he was thinking? Tells him he should have called her, she's a doctor. Why did he go to some quack in Tibet? Ryan attempts a joke. Fran tells him he's not funny, nothing is funny, he's dying.Fran says Ryan knows what a hell it was for her when Hannah died because he was there, they barely lived through it so for him to do nothing for 7 years then to show up... Fran can't continue. Ryan asks why does she think he didn't come there sooner? He went to 3 surgeons and none would operate. Fran yells that he's an idiot. She couldn't help Hannah but she could have helped him. Seth catches the end of the tirade and watches Fran storm off. Ryan says Fran is sad, Seth says she doesn't like to cry in front of people and asks if she was like that as a kid, and says she never talks about her sister. Seth says she'll be back. Ryan asks if Seth wants to sit. Seth pulls up a chair and takes his hand.


Ryan - Seth, Fran and Ryan are in Ryan's room. Seth is the doctor and is examining Ryan's back as Fran looks over his scans. Ryan says ow and Seth says that's what happens when you wait 7 years for treatment. Ryan says "so he's not shy?" Fran says she never went for shy. Ryan says he trying the non-traditional route. Then the pain kicked up so saw a doctor who was going to send him to a surgeon - my friend just married one of those. Not that it was a real wedding. Seth says "excuse me" and looks appalled. Frans tells Ryan he thinks you're serious. Ryan says Fran is already married, to him. Ryan says she loves him, Fran says they were 10, got married in her tree house with rings made of crabgrass. Ryan says it was a beautiful ceremony.Her sister officiated. Fran's smile fades. Seth notices. Seth is concerned about how much pain Ryan is in and wants to get new scans.Ryan asks if he's always like that or is he dying. Fran tells him not dying and that Seth is a genius with a scalpel and will be in and out and he won't feel a thing. Ryan says Fran is so cute how does he get through a workday with her around? Ryan says he forgot how much he missed her.


Its Arizona and her brother's childhood friend by the look of the sides Here it is

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meredith and the chief i always felt that the chief was her réal father (Fan Fiction)

Meredith was born before Ellis started working at SGH .

Meredith is a perfect genetic match for Thatcher .

Ellis/Webber's affair started  a couple of years into their residency .


These are facts that are canon in the show .So unless Richard had swimmers that could go back in time and mutate to match Thatchers you should probably rethink your idea

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When Is Dr. Preston Burke Returning??? (Site Suggestion)

Grey's 1


I already said ,It's nothing to do with 'a personal beef '.ABC will not have him on the show and they pay the bills not Shonda.


Disney has employment policies about the stuff he pulled ,he violated them and was fired .He then spent the next year pursuing the network thru the courts ,and badmouthing the company,the show and various cast members .IW is toxic and NO NETWORK WILL EMPLOY HIM.Whether you think he is a talented actor or not his on set behaviour , his lack of self restraint and inability to keep his trap shut have put him in the position he finds himself in no one else .And still he doesn't think he did anything wrong as in his latest book he is still trying to portray himself a a victim.

He had previous with on set antics .He hit a production assistant on one show and was fired     STRIKE ONE

He got handsy with a female co-star .When she complained he started screaming in her face .When the director and the the producer tried to intervene he then started screaming at them .The police then had to be called to physically remove him from the set .Fired again        STRIKE TWO

Grey's   was STRIKE THREE


Thats a pattern and thats down to him. Or is Shonda (and apparently me for being mean and pointing it out) to blame for a decade of bad behaviour


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When Is Dr. Preston Burke Returning??? (Site Suggestion)

@Grey's 1

 Shonda needs to make amends with isaiah and bring him back


What has SR to make amends for .IW got sacked for gross misconduct

And this is a guy with a long track record of misconduct on sets .Grey's was his third strike

He is a violent,homophobic,sexually inapropriate bully with severe anger management issues .He conducted a campaign against the network in an attempt to make himself a victim ,which rather than owning up to what he did is still currently doing .

He also accused Jim Pickens of being an Uncle Tom because he didn't get in the faces of others on set.

ABC/Disney(and I dont see any other network rushing out to get him on board either) wouldn't touch this guy with a barge pole as he is a law suit waiting to happen.

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