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Hey, im portia-may and i live in Cairns, Australia. Gossip Girl  is my life! I seriously have absolutely no idea what I would do without it. over the past 3 years or so (ever since the show has started) I have realised that my dream in life is to move to New York City. I know this might seem extremely cliché and all but it's the complete truth. My friends and family have all become annoyed about how much iLove that city. people always ask me "who is your favourite character?" and to be truely honest I cant decide. iLove then all so much. i CAN tell you that my favourite male cast member IS Chuck Bass because, well do i really need a reason. But out of the female cast i cannot decide (even vanessa) so all the HATERS,, back off already JEEZ!! couples i ship (in order) - Serena & Dan - Chuck & Blair - Vanessa & Nate - Nate & Serena - Lily & Rufus (not married) - Dan & Vanessa - Jenny & Nate - Blair & Nate (I think that is all except for the stupid people like aaron and rachel)     
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i dont like this. why did GGI move? i hope your updates get better!

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the last word is definetly 'proposal' as for the first one ???


aww :((
i hope it isnt true :(

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vanessa-hate or love ??

this might be a bit late and after reading many, many pages of comments. (that have totally gone off base btw)

i just wanna say that  i LOVE LOVE LOVE vanessa!!

i accept the fact that many people hate her. i dnt give a shit. if you hate her fucking hate her.

but seriously, get a hold of yourself here! the things people say about her is truely appauling! the thing about blair slapping vanessa, its like WTF!

i recall someone mentioning that they want to throw her in a sewer, lets the sewer crocs eat her. or something along those lines!!

thats just nasty and not to mention EVIL!


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Hate Vanessa >:(

personall i have no idea why people hate V so much?!?!

i must be like her only fan or something

i dont see the reason to hate her;; yer she can be a bitch and a backstabber and sometimes might seem fake. but whoelse hasnt been on this show.

im stayin by V and hoping Danessa all works out but i say that about every relationship haha

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