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hey guys!

just wtatched the finale and found that clip on youtube:



what do you think?

whys serena looking down on her phone and at who is she looking? Please, let it be Nate!


love to you all :)

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Why do the writers have to ruin everything. Really everything. First Serena's and Nate's relationship and now one of  serena's best feature, at the moment to be honest, the only one I thought she had for quite a while: her love and friendship for Blair.


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So Serena would actually kiss Chuck.

Yay! I think Serena and Chuck would totlly rock! They've got amazing chemistry no mattter if they just are siblings, friends or lovers. I mean, seriously even Dan and Blair hook up, which is quite cool( no offense), so why not Chuck and Serena?  They could just have a fling, that would be enough for me.

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