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i dont know why this was given a negative review. the episode was definetly satisfying, and brought back the best of all other charatcers. I barely noticed michael wasnt there. I thought they did a great job.


that seriosuly looks way more like the prince dude than Dan!


I think that Dan and Blair will have a thing, but then both will realize that they'll never get over Serena and Chuck, respectively, and then end amicabley and stay friends.
That is the only way a Dair hook up wouldnt completely destroy the show.
I also just feel like they have been dragging CB out the whole season and it's annoying. They should have gotten together at the saint and sinner party, and if they didn't the season should be set up for them to end up together.
If CB aren't together at the end of season 4, how much time is rlly left to set it up so they can be endgame?

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SPOILER- SEASON 4 (Spoilers)

maybe he doesnt get amneisa.

he prob rethinks hism life after almost dying and decides to b a better person and try 2 move on...

but if B doesnt know abt C being shot... that wud make noooo sense...

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Overall, which season was worse, 2 or 3?

I think season 3 was worse than season 2, but not terrible.

season 2 was incredible untl 2x16.

season three was ok at the beg. then it got rlly good.

I still like the finale but overall S2 was better than s3

and i know every1 is saying s1 was the best, and i loved it too, but the first half of S2 cant compare 2 anything

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Why you hatin?

im still trying 2 figure out y every1 hated it.

i thought it was so good and dramatic.

Im sad CB rnt together but we all know theyll b together in the end.

but still if there wudve been no cheny and cb wudve been happy it wudve been "how come B took him bak so quickly??"

instead theyre over for now, but the epi was still rlly amazing.

also dont get y chenny was th hugest deal. CB were BROKEN UP and chuck wanted to die and felt nothing...

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