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New Girl Scoop: Who's Moving Out?

I think Nick will move out.

The Newsroom Review: Tomorrow's Too Late

@Terrie I think the point is not that the show is expensive (though I'm sure they are very expensive with the production and personnel quality). I think the 9 to 13 episode seasons are a choice made by the network and creators in order to provide a concise, well-written storyline without the useless plots and side stories that go nowhere that tend to plague network television shows. In fact more shows (even those on network tv) have said that they are moving to a similar "limited-series" format. Additionally I believe the creative process (concept, writing, filming, editing, reshoots) for some of these shows (specifically Game of Thrones and Newsroom) takes almost a full year just for 10 episodes.

TV Ratings Report: American Idol Rises

This is because there was NOTHING on last night at 8pm. Trust me I checked before landing on AI myself...then switched to Netflix after 1 hour of torture.