TV shows I like: The Tudors, Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Glee, Gossip Girl, Smallville, Angel, Buffy, Charmed, Wizards of Waverly Place, Merlin, and Winners and Losers

To any Tudor fans who happen to visit: As you can tell, I am VERY ANTI Anne B/Elizabeth and VERY PRO Princess Mary, Queen KOA and Queen Jane.

One Tree Hill couples: Brucas, Brathan and Leyton.

Smallville: CHLARK, Chlex, Chlollie, Clois and Chlavis.

Doctor Who: 11/AMY.

Vampire Diaries: Caroline/Damon, Caroline/Stefan, Katherine/Damon, John/Jenna Damon/Elena, Katherine/Stefan, and Anna/Jeremy.

Winners and Losers: Frances/Zach, Bec/Doug and Sophie/Doug.

Glee: Puckleberry, Suinn, Finchel.

Gossip Girl: N/J, C/B, S/N, C/J.

Angel: Fresley, Dangel, Fangel and Frangel.

Merlin: Arthur/Morgana, Morgana/Merlin, Morgana/Uther, Morgause/Cenred.

WOWP: Jalex and Delena.

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No question, Klaus and Caroline scenes!!!I adore them :)

Ready to Meet Another Original?

Hate the name. Reminds me too much of Glee. Also, who hasn't slept with Katherine at this point?

Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Damon/Caroline :)