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Everyone bashes season 3. But don't you think fugitives was good? Specially the Brian Fuller eps. Ignore 1961 it was overall good

Heroes Review: "The Art of Deception"

This was a fantastic episode I thought. Had me hooked all the way through and on the edge of my seat. Massive improvement from the last few boring episodes. I do agree with some of the comments mainly the bassment thing, what was Parkman thinking? Overall though loved it

Heroes Review: "Close to Home"

People seem to forget the last arc. Fugitives. I for one thought that was very strong and entertaining all the way through. Villians was the one that seemed to get too confusing and brought the negatives towards the show.

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Heroes stiffed in the UK?

Sure it use to be 9pm Monday or maybe Wednesday. The fact its took them so long to show it and put it on a terrible time shows they dont care anymore and are pretty much stuck with it till the end.

I havent stayed in on a Saturday night in 12 years but with Sky+, BT Vision and the like people will no doubt watch.

I'll record and watch them again.

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Forgotten storyline in this season

"I always liked the company" HRG


There was talk at the end of the last season about the main characters starting a new "company" and then at the start of season 4 they are all trying to live "normal lives" etc.


Much like Catlin, another forgoten plot?

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Sylar/ Nathan

You should rewatch or you've missed a t least one episode where "Nathan" was shot and put in the ground

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