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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 279

Joe: Seriously? Foam? Is that what you young people drink nowadays?

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 271

Bailey: Hey Hey Hey! I'm Dr Bailey. Get your hands of me!
Mark: "Raises Hands" Opps! I was pretty sure she was Callie.
Callie: "Laughs" Well, she ain't me!

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 266

Cristina: Oh god Mere, what have you done?
Meredith: Nothing. I'm creating a baby t-shirt for Sophia!
Cristina: Spit it out Mere!
Meredith: I think I might have mistaken Mark Sloan for Derek. And slept with him.
Cristina: "Gulp"

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April & Stark FTW (Relationships)

So, do you all think April will lose her Virginity this season?? X)

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April & Stark FTW (Relationships)

I kinda like this new pairing. April is like the girl next door. She seems to be the only one who can talk some sense into Stark's Brain. It would be lovely to see the 2 of them dating! Kinda like the Beauty and the Beast all over again!

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