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while I agree that kurt and karofsky as king and queen is a stupid idea, I heard after she tweeted that, they refilmed all the prom scenes and it has a different outcome now anyways. not sure if that's true, but I hope it is.... and @kcd: he's transferring back in the next episode.

Someone is Gonna Die on Glee!

Whoever said it's for Regionals, not Nationals, you're right.
I want to say it's Carl, because he's only instrumental for one story line and that opens up a whole nother shot for Wemma, but I doubt that would have a HUGE impact on anyone besides Emma, Will, and maybe Santana... :) So I don't think it's him.
If it is Paravotti or whatever the bird's name is, I will be so disappointed. Not to be morbid, but if after all the hype it's a freaking bird... just no.
If Burt died, we would have Grilled Cheesus all over again.
Karofsky or Lauren suicide: doubt it. Lauren's got enough confidence for her own country with the finger on its flag, and Karofsky's supposed to have that big revelation with Born This Way. I don't think their self-esteem is that awful, but then again, you never know.
One of Rachel's dads actually sounds pretty plausible right now. I honestly have no idea who else it could be...
As a completely random guess..... Becky? Emma? Beiste???


@ama: hahaha, "Jewish American princess" or "Jap" is a term used for a Jewish girl who's spoiled, high-maintanence, and used to getting her way. In other words, Rachel Berry to a T. :)

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lol we're definitely getting it. idina tweeted something about apologizing for not having time to answer fan q&a's because they were working with babies and she couldn't focus... 

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S3 News thread

Lindsay (from TGP) will apparently be part of a rival group called "The Pendleton Girls," from an all-girls school. 

I've seen a few places that 3X02 is called "I am Unicorn." ...?!

Chris tweeted that he was doing something very dangerous and potentially life-threatening in 3X02, which was his idea.

Lea and Idina have recorded two songs together, and Chris has a solo.

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S3 News thread


Question: Do you have any idea how Glee‘s Sam Evans is going to be written off the show? Witness Protection Program? Eaten by dinosaurs? —PinslericAusiello: The answer is C) His family moves out of state.

Question: Will Glee finally introduce Rachel’s gay dads this season? —JustinAusiello: No immediate plans that I know of. However, it appears producers are making good on their promise to give Mike Chang a mom and dad. The show is quietly casting an Asian couple — stylish wife, conservative dad — to potentially recur this season.

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