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Two Sneak Previews of "The Debarted"

ahaha omg, i actually love nate archibald, he is HEAVEN :D

"Treasure of Serena Madre" Sneak Previews

ahhhh i want N/S together soooo badly now!! :) but, i have noticed that dan and serena never have ANY scenes together anymore, i cant stand them as a couple, but they are brother/sister or something arent they? so i think they need to have a scene where they share their problems and advise lol.


ooooh, up til this clip i actually couldnt stand jenny, but this could get interesting lol
i dont see whats so attractive bout tripp - he seems sort of pervy... but i deffo think somethings happened between them before this scene - cant wait to find out!! :)

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Serena Nate-Engame? (Spoilers)

I've always changed my mind about who i thought was better, initially it was DS all the way - because of how they were in season 1, the idea of NS had never really crossed my mind - but then DS bored me so much in season 2, with that dodgy aaron guy and then the lying about the brother they share.. it all got a bit incestuous for me. and could it ever really work out with their parents being married?  when nate and serena had that kiss in season 2 ep 1 i realised OMG these two are so cute together? and i know that them actually being together was seriously rushed but i loveed the build up to it, them realising that they loved eachother and nate telling her to stay! They're the most attractive couple on the show, but i dont really think they have chemistry like DS although its hardly acting when they're a real couple is it? :) so.. i'm not sure anymore, too much has changed really for DS to be the way they were and for NS to have a simple relationship - not that that ever happens on GG anyway? ;)

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WHERE is Eric??

My friend and I have just had major mental breakdowns - we were watching season 1 of gossip girl and then it suddenly came to us - WHERE has Eric gone?? Maybe we haven't been paying close enough attention but It feels like no one has mentioned him in forever! If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please can they tell us? We're worried about him!!

Thank You! :) x

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Nate's letter to Jenny

I can't stand the thought of Nate and Jenny, but i am annoyed with Vanessa for getting involved and taking the letter. Don't want Nate to get together with either of them, Vanessa is annoying and Jenny is horrible - He needs someone new ! :)

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