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Tim Gunn Calls Out "Diva" Taylor Momsen

I love him :)
And I do believe him.

Glee Comic Book Cover: Yikes!

This cover is really creepy.
And Will kinda looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt,sorta..


I couldn't pay attention to the music because the video was so distracting.She has a great voice but this video is so stupid!

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saddest scene on Tv history.

One Tree Hill:I'm gonna have to say the episode that had the school shooting.The whole episode was really sad and had me crying.Also the episode after that about Jimmy and Keith's funeral

GG:When Chuck and Blair are at the bar and when he shows up in her room after his father's death

Degrassi:When JT gets stabbed and Liberty finds him then when everyone's at the hospital and they are told that he died :/


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Future Guest Stars? (Spoilers)

NOT Justin Bieber.

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OMG Dianna Agron on Veronica Mars!!!!

Leighton was also on 7th Heaven. I was watching it one day and all of a sudden I see her name pop up in the begining.

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