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The New Girls

I love how like Blair had the headbands as her 'crown', they've not totally repeated that and Sage and her friends seem to wear hats instead! ;)

Emmy Wish List: Lead Actor in a Comedy

Jim Parsons!!

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Is it just me, or is anyone else really liking the character of Lola? 


She's just so fun and different and although I got bored of Chivy's ridiculous plot for the first half of this season, I'm now really interested in it and I love Lola and Nate together!


I really hope the writers keep her around, and don't have her as justs Nate's love interest for this half of the season (He has a different Love interest every half season! It's really repetitive!)


Anyway, I just really hope that she stays around (And sane!)

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Top 5 Favorite Glee Episodes

1) The Substitute

2) Furt

3) Duets

4) Wheels

5) Journey


MissGossip the one where kurt comes out of the closet is called Preggers, its series 1 episode 4 x

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Someone's going to die. WHY?!

Maybe Will? it would really affect the glee club x

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