I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
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Two Gossip Girl Promos For "The Townie"

ew i'm fine w/ blair and dan (DO NOT COMBINE THEIR NAMES!!) plotting together, but not with them ever being anything more, even friends. xoxo Im cool with them being friend, but you're right. No relationship or anything. And before someone bitches at be, it's MY opinion.


You're right, Chuck + new girl = boring. Not to mention already used in this season (Eva).

Gossip Girl Reality Index: The Morning After

Chuck and Blair will do anything for each other, and then just drop it all after some bitchy, hypocritical speech by a woman who herself is married to a convicted felon? This just makes no sense at all. Minus 10. I do think them breaking up had more to do with what Chuck's publicist said, but I really hate Anne Archibald. She always looks surprised and she is annoying as all hell.

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Promos for 4x14


That is all.

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

totally agree, i didnt realize how interesting they make the show until they were gone :(, and if dair happens you can expect me to youtube for the rest of the season as well! haha


ITA. This week's ep bored me to death. I hate Dan. HATEHATEHATEHATE. I like JENNY more. Dan is so irritating right now and seeing him with Blair is really getting under my skin. It's just so stupid.


I hope this story line dies out fast.

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Panic Roomate first sypnosis (Spoilers)

Maybe an internet forum isn't the right place for youMaybe an internet forum isn't the right place for you


You're right. Maybe it isn't. I have a life. You know a real one with real conversations that actual qualify as discussions.

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