I'm not the kind of girl who gives it all away in one shot. I like to leave some for the imaination.
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Brittany Snow: The Lily Rhodes Mug Shot

Is it just me, or does this mug shot look A LOT like Stephanie Pratt from the Hills...


I'm not completely sold yet, but I am definitely willing to give it a chance.


I don't know if I would. I will certainly give it a chance, but the popularity of Gossip Girl isn't just because the plot is riveting. They cast is hot, and people love the already successful books. It's already been discussed that The CW's previous spin-off trials haven't been the most successful shows on the network, but you never know. If the drama is just as good, and young Rufus is gorgeous, the show might just be a hit. We will have to wait and see.

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Remains of the J (Season 2)

Just finished watching the episode.. and I am so impressed.


I am still getting used the the Blair/ Nate reunion, but I'm positive there will be lots of great material. That said, I am absolutely loving the Chuck/ Vanessa relationship. I know all the Chair fans are probably hating it, but ever since they first introduced an idea of Chuck and Vanessa at the beginning of the season, I have been wanting to see some action. Kudos on that.


I'm not thrilled about how boring Jenny has become, I want her to take more risks and get a love interest. She just become so introverted it makes me yawn every time she is on screen. Taylor can act, so give her something!


All in all, loved the episode, can't wait for next week, and I am so sad that the season is ending soon.

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The Grandfather (Season 2)



I just finished watching it, and my jaw was to the floor. I expected the Nate/Blair scene, but not with Chuck. It was great. Can't wait for next week.

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BC bedroom scene?

I had to say I knew that sort of thing would happen. In a previous post, I mentioned that a similar scene to Grey's Anatomy's season 4 finale when Alex cries on Izzie's shoulder after being devastated.

That being said, I still loved it! My only worry is how long can those two go without being together until people start losing interest?

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