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Glee Season 3 Promo: Look Out!

Quinn and Puck were together in one scene! That made my day! I hope my Quick heart will be healed little by little. :)

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Mercedes or Rachael?

Team Rachel all the way! I know she's an abrasive and self-absorbed person at times, but you have to admit she's not the kind of evil that shows no remorse for her actions. Unlike Mercedes, she didn't want to risk the friendship that they had. And this was the first time in a long while that I saw Rachel more than willing to share the spotlight with somebody else. Though she privately admitted to Finn that Mercedes' performance of 'Out Here On My Own' was better, she didn't have the courage to say it straight to her face because it's either she felt that she had to give up a role that she rightfully earned for herself. And I really don't blame her a bit there. She didn't want a fight, but unfortunately got one in the end.

Kurt confronting Rachel about running for class president was another scene that I liked, though I really felt that it should have been Mercedes instead given her current situation. But nonetheless, I still believe that Rachel needed that realization too. Her running for president against one of her best friends would have her go back to the selfish Rachel we saw on S1. I'm happy that it was somehow halted with Kurt's words and I'm really looking forward as to how the next episode would be 'shocking' for her (according to online reports).

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The Inconsistency of characters

Finn has become a total douche! And after the prom episode last night, he was an even bigger douche than ever before when he couldn't help himself seeing Rachel being all happy with Jesse St. James. Though I have to admit it was actually sweet of him to still care about Rachel (Jesse broke her heart and broke an egg on her head, after all), but Rachel was on point as well: "All I ask is that who ever I choose that you be as supportive of me as I’ve been of you and Quinn even though I’m dying everyday inside about it".

Rachel has been respectful to both Finn and Quinn even though it's emotionally killing her, but somehow Finn can't do the same thing to her. Finn questions Rachel's motives in forgiving Jesse just as how Rachel has been questioning Finn for forgiving Quinn. Based on his actions, it's clear that he still loves her, but tends to lose focus and could care less about what's happening around him. And besides that, Finn didn't have the right to be mad because they weren't even dating in the first place. They went to the prom as friends and went there  just to have a good time.

And I would also like to say that I was disappointed that, in the 9th episode of season 2, the writers presented Rachel's point of view rather poorly. Yes, it was wrong for her to do that to Finn, but in hindsight, if you put yourself in her shoes, you'd feel the same way. Rachel was mad at Finn not because he slept with Santana, but because he didn't tell her the truth about his virginity. He had the chance to tell her on the very moment when Rachel came clean about not swiping her V-card because she wanted to do it with someone special, and it felt really good to her to know that Finn was also a virgin because it meant to her that they would "both lose it together".

And instead of breaking the news, he kept it to himself. I could imagine how it would feel for her, going with it thinking that your special someone was also doing it the first time only to find out later that someone had already beaten her to the punch. And out of all the girls in high school who would take his virginity, it had to be Santana. The same girl who made Rachel's life a living hell by taunting her about her conquest in taking her beloved boyfriend's V-card.

I really don't like how he has been written lately. I don't see any character development in him at all. Santana's making a whole lot of progress, but I'd also like to see her show signs of remorse for all her past actions. I also hope that Brittany would be more mature when people call her stupid and show signs of growth. Hopefully the writers will come to their sense and make their characters (and I mean all the characters on the show) more relatable, wiser, more mature and most of all, more CONSISTENT.

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