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Me looking out of a ruined church in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland, 2009. Happy time thanks to Sally and MANY OTHERS who contributed to our trip. Thank you all so much.
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Will Lisa Edelstein Return to House?

Hard to understand why she would be unwilling to come back to a show she loved and that advanced her career so much in order to set things straight by doing one or two (at least) guest appearances. I wonder if LE feared being dumped unceremoniously like Jennifer Morrison, now that the Big H/Cuddy Romance was over??
I wish she would help them finish it out at least. C'mon Lisa E...


I LIKE THE PERSONAL LIVES. I get a little bored with the medical mysteries except for the fun of watching H. solve them. Why can't House and Lisa have a good relationship? He wants to "fix himself." All the best to them.And I want Cameron back too, for Chase (not 13).

Going Through a Differential

I want Cameron to return!!!