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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 204

Serena: I'm just saying, if you want to stay relevant like me, you need to sleep with a professor, an ex-convict, a married congressman, AS WELL as Nate. Now I know this will be difficult because you don't have my breast size, but I think with time Gossip Girl will come to recognize you as relevant. Because all that matters is how relevant you are. Being irrelevant is the WORST thing that could happen. It's all I care about! I need to be relevant!

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 298

Izzie: I'm coming back to this show! I don't care what you say
Cristina: I don't care that you are wearing a wig! We all know it's still crazy Izzie under there, you can't come back!
Alex: She's pregnant with my baby!
Cristina: SERIOUSLY GUYS??!! Why does everyone get pregnant now?!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 192

Blair: Now, who wants to hear how I got the great Chuck Bass to tell me he loved me?!