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Five least favorite Grey's character's

1. Sadie- I just didn't really understand her purpose. She never meshed well with anyone else and to me, was jsut a waste of space.

2. Ava in Season 4 - I loved her as Jane Doe in Season 3, and even in the beginning of Season 4 when she came back to visit Alex but after she went a little psycho, I was done.

3. Reed - If she wasn't such a bitch, she might not have bullet lodged in her forehead... =)

4. Hahn - I love Brooke Smith. In her interviews, she seems like such a great person. I liked Hahn in Season 2 when she operated on Denny, and any other time she guested before season 4. But after she made a regular, it was really hard to like her at all. I think they had a great storylinr for her and Callie, the chemistry just wasn't there.

5. Marlow - he was a creeepy old man...

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Five favourite characters

1. Cristina Yang - I've always been a fan a Sandra Oh. I love how she completely loses herself in playing this character. Well overdue for an Emmy.


2. Addison Montgomery- I know that she's not with the show anymore but she's doing great work on Private Practice. I love the fact that Kate Walsh was only supposed to be in what 9 episodes (don't quote me on that) and ended up having her own show. Big fan of Addie and still want her and Alex to hook up again somtime. That S3 storyline was cute and I think it may have panned out had she not left.


3. Lexie Grey - Just becase we weren't really supposed to like her. I love the fact that her and Meredith are completely different and I love her relationship with Sloan (even if they aren't technically together at the moment). Chyler Leigh really won over my heart in the S4 ep when we find out about her photographic memory.


4. Alex Karev - I love how much he has grown. He really is going to make a fantastic surgeon someday, even if he's an ass while doing it. I love the amazing chemistry that he's had which each of his female love interests: Izzie, Addie, and Ava. It just seems so real and so easy for Justin Chambers to be Alex. Earlier in the series, I wanted him to hook up with Meredith so bad. I thought they both had the dark/twisty and damaged childhood thing going on!


5. Izzie Stevens - I know we're supposed to hate Katherine Heigl right now, but she acted the hell outta this part, even when the writing wasn't all that (S4). I will miss her a great deal, but not as much as I miss George.


Special shoutout to Jackson Avery. I'm really excited that he's a series regular and pretty pumped to see where his character's gonna go.


Honorable mentions to George (RIP), Callie, McSteamy, and of course Bailey!

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