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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 76

Reporter on site: Many recall the large turquoise earrings the man was wearing, citing it as the cause of the drowning. The initials V.A. were found on the back, yet no owner has come to claim them. In other news... *Vanessa walks away warily*

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 76

As long as I keep holding a camera, the writers said I could stay. As long as I keep holding a camera, they said I could stay. As long as I...


Actually, it was my second favorite Chair episode after 3x3 for the season. There were so many amazing lines:
"Chuck, my love!"
"My wonderful man"
"I'm only annoyed that I kissed someone else but you"
"Did you think that was the first time I kissed a guy?"
"I had to lie to Chuck- the person that trusts me the most"
"I don't feel that way about you" Yes, Blair was extremely petty and annoying in the episode- but she has been ever since she started college, and I think this will finally be the wake-up call to make her change. Hell, if she ends the episode by sitting down, eating breakfast, and smiling at Vanessa- that is a major change. Chuck has been trying to help Blair all through this and I'm kind of glad for this chance for her to make things up to him. I'm sure she'll do something very sweet to make it up. And I loved everything that Lily said to Blair in the end. On the whole, I think the seriousness of the fight between Chuck an Blair is contrived, but I'm glad that it's a fight over this than some indiscretion of Chuck's or something. Again, I'll really be looking forward to how Blair makes it up to Chuck after this and begins to grow up.

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Chair Fans Until the End...

Sign me up. I will always be a chair fan. But I can say I'm a little afraid of what shit's going to happen in between...

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Inglorious Bassterds [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)

So, erm I had a pretty big response to the events in the upcoming episode- so much that I had to write a fanfic for it. It will probably need to be edited after I'm able to watch the episode in full, but I think I got the main scenes that they've showed on youtube and from other's excellent descriptions.

For those who feel inclined, you can read it here: Belief


At any other time in the past ten months, he could have come home and she would be there. Sometimes, she would greet him in lingerie. Sometimes, he found her singing as she finished the place settings for their dinner. Sometimes, she was asleep on the couch, having obviously waited for his return even at a too-late hour.

Tonight would not be one of those nights.

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Where do you think the show went all wrong?

Well, I think the first major deviations into total nonsensicalness for me appeared in 2x17-18, and from that point on lots of crappiness happened to all characters.

The biggest mistake to me is that the show is no longer focused on the lifestyles of the UES. Remember when every single character was set to go to Yale in the first half of season 2? And then, omg, NO ONE can go to Yale anymore. Not even Dan Humphrey whose now millionaire father will not allow his new wife's money to pay for his son's education (he can use it to buy tacky suits however and grow disgusting side burns). The writers were so clearly scrambling to find a way to keep everyone in New York, which is understandable with filming concerns, but couldn't they have been a little more creative? They could have still had everyone go to Yale and simply used another school in New York for shooting (as they have already done so). Or anything to keep the focus on the lifestyle of residents of the UES. This means that such residents can go to other places beyond the UES (but certainly not to NYU).

Character storylines are becoming too convoluted and filled with drama for the sake of drama. It doesn't have the 'fantastical with a tie to reality' current in it anymore. 

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