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White Collar Review: "Copycat Caffrey"

To be honest, if we get any steamy scenes beyond the fairly mild situations we've been shown, I will be pretty disappointed. It would degrade an otherwise decent program. There are not enough shows that are smart, witty, etc. that the whole family (those families who do choose to restrict what is viewed by the younger ones in the house, that is) can watch and feel relatively safe about. Furthermore, it was already implied that Neal and Alex had sex (remember the pool scene?) so why do we have to actually see it? And finally, the LAST person I want to see him have ANY kind of relationship with is Alex. While she was at least tolerable in this episode, she is not right for Neal. If Neal is to really be on the side of the law for good (which seems to be what he's slowly heading towards), Alex will not comply. At least, not at this point in time. She would need extreme character development for that to be possible. Point in case - she took the painting. She hasn't given up the crime and when she's around, neither has Neal. Definitely not a good idea for him to hang with her too much.


I so have to agree that my gut is telling me Kate's not dead. And I must say reading @Nicole's comment has given me hope for the fandom. It seems like everywhere I go, people bad mouth Kate. It's so frustrating. How can anyone be 100 percent convinced of anything about her when we barely got to know her? This is why I'm holding out that the writers still have something up their sleeve when it comes to her character.