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You bring up an interesting point Elizabeth. Could the line really have affected Rumple? He was always himself in Storybrooke and others reverted to themselves as Storybrooke residents if they crossed it. Did Rumple really have anything to fear? Belle needed that spell more than Rumple. That was probably a hint to Hook's plan all along, to make Belle forget him. How did Hook know about the line anyway?
Why would Rumple now leave Belle alone knowing Hook was alive and would still do anything to hurt him? Rumple put so much stress on not having enough enchantment, that it slighted a hint to the odds. This entire story is messed up. Hook's vengeance made him seem clueless to the factor that he helped make Rumple's anger. By calling him a coward, Rumple only set out to prove himself and so went the eye for an eye. You know what they say about that one.

Touch Review: Zig Zagging

@Michelle those are the questions and depth of thought I would like to see discussed here. This episode truly discovered essential connections that we subconsciously suppressed as human beings. Martin upon seeing the Dr. recognized him as the jerk that ran into the cab earlier on. It caused him to see that Jake does not move without thought, he went in front of that cab for that reason. As much as we refuse to truly observe the connections it is beyond our belief of practicality, nothing in life would truly make sense, but they just occur because the world works that way. We just don't know why these things happen but they do and somehow things connect even without notice. I applaud this series for reaching a deeper meaning, it also encourages riveting, thought provoking topics.


This was a really funny episode.

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